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10 Merry Mugs for a Happy New Year!

10 Merry Mugs for a Happy New Year!

Hey there, mug enthusiasts and brand bosses! We’re spilling the beans on our favorite mugs that will look great decked out with your business flair.

And in case you're new here, let's have a quick refresher on why custom mugs are the perfect promotional item no matter the business size. 

Brand Exposure with Every Sip: Custom mugs featuring your business logo act as mobile billboards, promoting your brand with every use. Whether in the office, at home, or in meetings, your logo becomes a constant presence, reinforcing brand recall and establishing a strong visual identity.

Team Unity and Morale: For internal use, custom mugs emblazoned with the company logo contribute to a sense of unity among employees. Providing each team member with a personalized mug fosters a shared identity and a feeling of belonging, boosting morale and creating a positive work culture.

Practicality Meets Promotion: Custom mugs are not only visually appealing but also highly practical. Employees and clients appreciate receiving items that are not only branded but also serve a functional purpose. A well-crafted, branded mug is likely to become a daily companion for years to come.

So grab a cuppa, and let's discover how to get your team caffeinating in style!


16 oz Fleck and Timbre Ceramic Mug

A classic stoneware mug with flecked gray exterior and four glossy interior colors to choose from. We love how the flecked feature has a camp feel while remaining sophisticated and sleek. A great option for corporate gifting! 

15 oz Square Handle Ceramic Mug

A square handled stoneware mug with four color options for the matte exterior and a glossy gray interior. We can see this cool, modern shaped mug on the desks of architect firms or design studios. Let the creativity flow! 

20 oz Texture Base Ceramic Mug

A tall stoneware mug with vertical texture around the base, matte exterior and glossy interior in four color options. A bigger mug means more coffee! We're looking at you educators, here's your mug! 


14 oz YETI Rambler Mug

This double-wall vacuum-insulated mug is touted as the toughest, most over-engineered camp mug out there and we can't argue with that endorsement! The hot coffee hero for busy professionals with back to back to back meetings. 


16.5 oz Ceramic Mug with Wood Lid

An adorable stoneware mug available in three color options with a natural base. The beech wood lid can be used to hold tea bags in place or as a coaster! A versatile choice for a team tea or team coffee. 


12 oz Ceramic Two-Tone Mug


This standard ceramic mug comes in eight awesome colors with a glazed black rim and white interior. 


This YETI travel mug comes in ten stylish colors with a leak-resistant, twist-on lid and high handle for ultimate cupholder convenience. A perfect choice for the commuting warrior who didn't quite finish their coffee before heading out the door. 


15 oz Campfire Ceramic Mug

A speckled campsite classic! This ceramic mug is available in nine fun colors with a subtle black rim. 


12 oz Vacuum Insulated Mug

This double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel mug is a stunner in five stylish colors. The modern and unique design is sure to be a favorite choice for the tech team's hot or cold beverages. 


24 oz YETI Rambler Mug

This versatile Rambler holds a special place in our hearts. Its tall, insulated and has a sizable handle. At a whopping 24 ounces, its nearly double the size of most mugs. Just pour the pot in and go! 

So remember, custom mugs with your business logo transcend their functional purpose and become potent tools for brand promotion and relationship-building. Whether as corporate gifts, internal team assets, or promotional giveaways, these mugs carry your brand message to a broad audience. Elevate your brand identity and leave a lasting impression with every sip, making custom mugs an indispensable asset in your marketing and branding strategy.

Email us at hello@studioimagepromotions.com to place an order for custom mugs for a Happy New Year! 

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